Course Providers

WIPA enroles must gain 30 WIPA CPD course credits within a two-year period to become a Registered Water Industry Professional.

The WIPA management committee encourages course providers to list courses on the WIPA website to assist WIPA enroles in gaining their WIPA CPD credits.  The course listings will provide information about the course that will allow enrolees to determine if the course is suitable for them. 

WIPA CPD credits will be determined  using the following guiding criteria.

  • 1 CPD credit – for each hour of course attendance where the course includes an assessment which is externally moderated
  • .75 CPD credit  – for each hour of course attendance where the course includes an assessment which is not externally moderated
  • .25 CPD credit – for each hour of course attendance where the course does not include an assessment.

Requirements for WIPA training courses

Course providers will be required to supply the following information:

  • Course name
  • Course provider
  • Description of the course content
  • Course format (on-line, classroom etc)
  • Course attendance hours*
  • Assessments associated with the course
  • If assessments are externally moderated
  • CPD credits allocated to the course
  • Course fee, exclusive of GST

*If courses are on-line and student paced, the management committee will consult the course provider to determine the indicitative course attendance hours.

Course providers can request to list a course on the website by completing the course listing form. The course details will be reviewed by the WIPA administrator and the outcome of the request will be notified to the course provider. If the course is accepted to the WIPA programme the WIPA administrator will notify the course provider of the allocated CPD credits for the course, the course listing fee and next steps. 

Course providers are required to notify the WIPA administrator after the completion of each listed course, of the names of those who attended and the outcome of any assessment, if an assessment was provided. The administrator will then allocate WIPA CPD credits to each student who attended the course.



WIPA Course Fees

The fee to list a course on the WIPA website is determined by the number of credits allocated to the course.

Course fees are determined by the following:

  • A minimum $100 course listing fee.
  • $40 is charged for each WIPA credit assigned to the course.
  • The fee for subsequent continuing years is half of the course listing fee/year.

Course listing fee examples:

  • A course which provides 2 WIPA credits will be charged at the minimum $100
  • A course which provides 4 WIPA credits will be charged at $160
  • A course which provides 8 WIPA credits will be charged at $320

If the course listing is not renewed for a continuing year and then is relisted at a later date, a new course listing fee will be charged.

Listed courses will be actively promoted on the WIPA website to raise awareness of the courses that are available.

If you want to have a course listed on the website, you must complete the WIPA Course Form found here.

If you have any queries, please contact the WIPA administrator. 

C/- Water New Zealand
Level 12,
 Ranchhod Tower, 
39 The Terrace
PO Box 1316 

04 472 8925