Polytec Injection/Extrusion Welding

PE/ABS/PP/PVC injection/extrusion welding operations for fittings, tanks, linings and structures used in water and wastewater applications. Program covers various materials, AS/NZS Standards, injection/extrusion welding theory, equipment details and operation, safety requirements, fusion/welding parameters and identification, practical injection/extrusion welding, quality sampling, testing requirements and assessments, accreditation procedures.

Duration: 8 hours (1 days)

Course Format: Classroom, workshop/site locations 

Assessment: Yes 

NZQA Unit Standards: Not Applicable

Course Fee: $480 +GST per person  

WIPA Credits: 8

Course Provider

LeHunt & Associates Pty/Ltd/Asmuss Plastic Systems Ltd

E: rjlehunt@bigpond.com

W: www.lehunt.com.au

W: www.pewelding.co.nz


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