Prevention of concrete corrosion in water and wastewater treatment plants and chemical bunds

This module covers the effects of concrete degradation and reinforcing steel in wastewater treatment plants and chemical bunds. Infrastructure such as sewer mains, wet wells, clarifiers, digesters, launders and chemical storage facilities are likely areas where extensive concrete degradation can occur.
Inherent traps are exposed that are associated with defects within different types of concrete surfaces and detailed guidelines are discussed to create a coatable surface before a corrosion protection system is applied to a concrete substrate.
Selected examples of high performance protective coating systems are covered for both new and aged concrete, along with case histories where reinstated spalled and severely degraded concrete has achieved long term durability.
Altex is a provider of products and expertise for corrosion control of structural assets.

Duration: 1 hour 

Course Format: Seminar PowerPoint Presentation

Assessment: No

NZQA Unit Standards: Not Applicable

Course Fee: $50 – $100 +GST per person  

WIPA Credits: 0.5

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