Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is a fundamental pillar of effective leadership. Individuals that are able to think and act strategically
perform better at both a personal and organisational level. 97% of CEOs value strategic thinking as the top leadership skill.
Additionally, leaders who demonstrate strategic thinking skills are four times more likely to be seen as having significant potential within their organisations.

What is Strategic Thinking?
While you are fresh in the morning we go over just what Strategic Thinking is, introduce our own model that helps you think widely and deeply, and delve into the background concepts and tools.

Thinking critically

We introduce you to some tools that will help you frame your thinking differently so you capture all the options. Inner voices sometimes block your thinking. We show you how to silence them.

Interpreting ideas
Just how do you make sense of what the data is telling you? We examine how to gather and bring in ideas from many sources, see the patterns and simplify it all.

Anticipating change
Looking for emerging trends and anticipating change can be a gamechanger for your organisation. We’ll show you how to lift your head and think more broadly.

Making decisions
When it comes to making decisions, strategic leaders balance speed, rigour, quality and agility. Learn how and when to take a stand – even with incomplete information and diverse views.


‘Continuous Improvement’ can be just a buzzword. We’ll explore some proven ways to make it a real and welcome part of your culture and thinking.

Now we give it go
You won’t have a chance to fade in the afternoon – we wrap up all that we’ve learned through some interactive exercises. You get to use the models with real challenges to bring out your tricky questions.

Take Aways:
• A framework that you can use to help with any strategic thinking in the future.
• A proven approach to problem solving and decision making that can be applied in both a personal and professional context.
• Six critical thinking tools to spark your creative juices.
• Two decision making tools to help you make the tough choices.

Duration: 8 hours

Course Format: Classroom or online

Assessment:  Yes

NZQA Unit Standards: Not Applicable

Course Fee: $725 excluding GST

WIPA Credits: 8

Course Provider

The Questioning Engineer 



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