IQP Backflow Course

The course is intended for those who want to register with Councils to become IQP certified in Backflow prevention but not limited to this. Theory components include:

  • Knowledge of the building act 2004 sections 100-111
  • Knowledge of the compliance schedule handbook
  • Forms relevant to an IQP including defect reports and reports in Lieu

Good working knowledge of but not limited to the following:

  • Health Act 1956
  • Health and Safety Act 2015
  • Health (Drinking Water Act) Amended 2007
  • Local government act 2002
  • As/nzs 2845.1 2010 water supply-backflow prevention devices
  • AsNzs 3500.1 2018 plumbing and drainage – water service
  • Nzs 5807:1990 Code of practice for industrial identification by colour, wording or other coding
  • New Zealand building code clause G10 Piped services
  • New Zealand building code clause G12 Water Supplies
  • Boundary backflow prevention (drinking water) 2013
  • Cross connection manual 2003
  • Test sheets and testing procedures

Practical testing includes:

  • Testing of backflow devices in accordance with the cross-connection manual
  • RPZ – Double check valve – Vacuum breakers – Visual tests on on-testable device

Duration: 2 days and 8 hrs self-directed learning

Course Format: Blended – Classroom and Online

Assessment: Yes

Course Fee: $850 incl GST

WIPA Credits: 12 (Individuals doing this course as it forms part of your role) / 4 (Individuals doing this course outside of your role)

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Glen Burr 

P: 027 4345 096




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