Water Network Training

This course is comprised of three, 3 hour on-line training sessions (Parts 1,2,3). Attendees may choose to attend one or all parts.

The course provides a comprehensive overview of public water supply networks and their operation. It is intended for engineers (and others) who want to gain a good understanding of the various components of water supply networks, how they operate, an explanation of hydraulic grade line (HGL),  static and dynamic pressure (and how to calculate static pressure), what is involved with operating water networks, water quality issues, an overview of pump stations, water meters (types, accuracy, design and installation, accuracy and testing), understanding system water use with examples, forecasting water demand, an overview of network modelling, demand management, fire fighting flow requirements, basic information on fire sprinkler systems, water network design for developments, an overview of watermain construction (typical drawings, schedule, construction (photos), commissioning), and basic asset management considerations.

Duration: Three half day courses on-line (3 hours each), or 1 1/2 days in person

Course Format: Online

Assessment:  No

NZQA Unit Standards: Not Applicable

Course Fee: $180 per person for each Part for Pacific Island Utility employee (NZ$540 total per person for 3 Parts).  No GST applies.

$280 excl. GST per person for each Part for ‘NZ Water Supplier (council) employee ($840 excl. GST total per person for 3 Parts).

$380 excl. GST per person for each Part for others ($1,140 excl. GST total per person for 3 Parts).

WIPA Credits: 4

4 Credits, if all 3 parts are completed. If individual parts are completed it will be 1 CPD point for each part.

Course Provider

Thomas Consultants Ltd 

E: richard.taylor@tcec.co.nz

W: www.thomasconsultants.co.nz


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