The Water Industry Professionals Association (WIPA) Continuing Professional Development and Registration programme was jointly established by the Water Industry Operations Group  and Water New Zealand to provide a system of recording the professional development of people working in the water and wastewater industry to ensure a high level of competency within the industry was maintained.  The WIPA is administered by Water New Zealand through a Service Level Agreement with the WIPA Management Committee.

Water industry professionals, employed in water/wastewater industry may enrol in the WIPA programme. This provides access to WIPA approved courses that enrolees can attend to gain CPD credits that contribute towards registration. Once all of the criteria are met enrolees can apply to become a “Registered Water Industry Professional”.

Course providers can have relevant courses listed on the website for enrolees to attend and gain WIPA CPD credits.


Our Vision 

A competent and capable water industry workforce supported by a comprehensive continuing professional development and registration programme.


Our Mission 

To provide a continuing professional development and registration programme for water industry professionals who meet specified criteria so that they can demonstrate a high level of competence.

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