What is WIPA? 

The Water Industry Professionals Association (WIPA) is a continuing professional development and registration programme jointly established by the Water Industry Operations Group  and Water New Zealand. The WIPA is administered by Water New Zealand through a Service Level Agreement with the WIPA Management Committee.

What Does WIPA do?

The WIPA continuing professional development programme (CPD) is a system of recording the professional development of people working in the water and wastewater industry. WIPA has set up this programme and operates it to ensure and maintain a high level of competency within the industry. 

What is Continuing Professional Development?

CPD is the purposeful maintenance and improvement of a professional’s knowledge and skills so that they remain competent in their chosen profession for the benefit of themselves, their employers, customers and the wider profession. CPD is recognised as a commitment to being professional, keeping up to date and continuously seeking to improve.

The key principles behind CPD are that

  • it builds on an individual’s existing knowledge and experience
  • it links an individual’s learning to their work
  • it is self-directed and based on the learning needs identified by an individual and their employer

 What is a Registered Water Industry Professional? 

A registered water  industry professional has met all the requirements of the WIPA CPD programme requirements and proven they are competent and capable employee in the water industry.

What are the benefits for an employer?

  • Employers can be confident employees who are registered with WIPA have the necessary skills for their roles and are committed to excellence in their role through CPD.
  • The CPD credits required should be attainable within a company’s existing training budget.
  • Employers will also benefit from increased productivity and long term employment through the enhanced employee engagement.
  • By insisting on using registered water industry professionals, employers would be practising sound risk management, and it will help develop and maintain a professional profile with key clients.

What are the benefits for an employee?

  • As water industry professionals, employees registered with WIPA will gain greater recognition for their skills, experience and competence from their employers and within the industry.
  • Water industry professionals will be recognised as professionals working in an essential area of public health.
  • Registration with WIPA will enhance an employees career opportunities within the industry, and their membership of the Association will provide interaction and networking opportunities with other industry professionals at training workshops, conferences and on social media.

Who is the Management Committee? 

The Management Committee comprises:

  • Two members representing the Water Industry Operations Group of New Zealand Incorporated.
  • Two members representing Water New Zealand who work in water/wastewater services.
  • One member representing the Water New Zealand Water Services Managers Group.
  • One members representing Contractors who work in 3 Waters delivery.
  • One representative of water equipment suppliers

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