Gaining CPD Credits 

Water industry employees who are enrolled in the WIPA CPD programme can earn CPD credits by attending training courses that are listed on the WIPA website. To become a Registered Water Industry Professional, enrolees must gain 30 WIPA CPD course credits within a two-year period.

WIPA CPD credits can be gained through

  • participation in courses that are listed on the WIPA website, or
  • by presenting a paper at a conference.

The amount of credits that can be gained from each course are listed with the course information on the WIPA website.

A 30 minute presentation can be awarded 3 WIPA credits.

Examples of the different types of CPD are listed. Where possible off-job CPD opportunities, and the providers, must be pre-approved by the WIPA Governance Board and evidence of attendance provided by the WIP.

On-job CPD is likely to include project management, mentoring, in house courses/training, writing a technical report. This form of CPD must be supported by certificates of achievement/third party attestations such as an employer’s written endorsement, explaining what outcomes/deliverables were achieved, as evidence.

Examples of CPD

Technical Development Personal Development
Sampling course (Off-job) Attendance at industry conferences/workshops (Off-job)
Instrument calibration courses (Off-job) Presenting a technical paper at a recognised forum (On-job)
Recognised equipment supplier training (Off-job) Academic study (On-job)
Customer service training (Off-job) Leading a project (On-job)
PE pipe welding (Off-job) Secondments/special projects (On-job)
Hygiene and disinfection training (Off-job) Mentoring (On-job)
Higher qualification achievement (Off-job) Internal or external leadership programs e.g. project management etc (On-job)

CPD is measured by the number of hours assigned to each CPD activity. The WIPA Governance Board assigns the hours to each activity based on activity structure, outcomes/deliverables, assessment methodology if required, and pre-approval status for the activity provider. On-job CPD activities may need to be assessed on a case by case basis based on evidence submitted.

All WIPs are required to complete no less than 30 CPD credits over a two-year period.

There are two tiers of CPD requirements. Tier 1 is for WIPs at an operational level i.e. those people that currently hold a level 3 & 4 New Zealand Water Industry qualification. Tier 2 is for WIPs that are more supervisory/senior level i.e. those who hold a level 5 New Zealand water industry qualification, or are employed in a multi-stage process treatment plant.  The two tiers determine what the ratio of technical to personal development a WIP needs to undertake.

The matrix below details the CPD ratio for each of the two tiers


Tier 1 Tier 2
Min. 20 Hrs Technical Development/ Max. 10 Hrs Personal Development Min. 10 Hrs Technical Development/ Max. 20 Hrs Personal Development
Small Scale System Operator Leading Hand/Supervisor/Manager
Utilities Maintenance Technician (Water Reticulation) Reticulation Supervisor Water
Utilities Maintenance Technician (Wastewater/Stormwater Reticulation) Reticulation Supervisor Wastewater
Water Treatment Plant Operator National Diplomas  Drinking-Water Technician and Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator National Certificate Level Water 4 Treatment – Multistage Processes

N.B. Multistage Process (Definition taken from New Zealand Certificate in Water Treatment (Level 4)

  • Water Treatment – Operate a drinking-water treatment plant with a combination of three multistage processes
  • Wastewater Treatment – Operate a wastewater treatment plant with a combination of two multistage processes and wastewater influent greater than 200m3 per day


Recording CPD Credits 

When you have gained CPD credits, through course attendance or conference presenation, you need to ensure these are recorded against your CPD record. You do this by completing the relevant course credits form and returning it to

Your attendance, or presentation will be confirmed and CPD credits recorded accordingly. 


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